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When we talk about some of the most happening places in the world, London is surely counted at the top. Its contribution to arts, fashion, media, and food make it one of the most exciting and ethnic places you will ever visit. From small and comfy townhouses to Neo-Classical Mansions our collection of luxury hotels and accommodations in London are mostly situated in the very heart of this magnificent city.

Our hotels and townhouses are present at the heart of London and provide you with the golden opportunity to explore and to get Up-Close-and-Personal with the Little London. Little London is a well-known native term that means all the small boutique hotels and the cultural extravaganza of street food at some of the most famous streets of London, that you would surely miss if not informed.

Some of the most famous streets and markets to visit in London are:

1. Borough Market

Borough Market is one of the oldest marketplaces in London, so old that in 2014 Borough market celebrated its 1000th year. Originally opened in 1014 the Borough market is home to some of the oldest merchants in London. The Borough market attracts some of the hungriest crowds and is the largest stall/ market offering free samples! The market is still situated at its original place – South of the London Bridge.

2. Camden Market

Camden Market situated in the Camden Town is the heart and soul of the place. Camden Town is a vibrant neighborhood in London, known for being home to numerous aspiring musicians such as Amy Winehouse. Here at Camden Market, you can find everything from food, clothing, art, trinkets etc. Camden market is really popular among people and tourists as it offers some of the best ethnic street food. The best variety of food is available in the market section, is right along the river, known as “KERB”.

3. Berwick Street Market

Berwick Street Market is the perfect example of secret little London. Being not as famous as other markets makes no difference to all the goodness Berwick Street has to offer. Formed and opened around 1778 Berwick Street has seen immense variations in stalls. Now the Street Market offers some of best ethnic cuisines, meat, cheese, fruits & markets, clothes, flowers, and antiques.

Here you can explore a distinct taste and some of the best and moderated ethnic cuisines native to various states.

4. Broadway Market

Here you can find almost everything, from artisan bread, cakes, antiques, artwork and good street food.

5. Maltby Street Market

Regarded as the hidden gem of London, the Maltby Street market started in 2010. One of the most congested markets that offer the best rusting London things. From great street food of different countries, native London cuisine, art, and memorabilia the Maltby Street offers everything and is one of the most popular places to visit in Little London.

Also, the Maltby Street also attracts photographers from all over as it offers some of the best photography locations; so don’t forget your camera!

The little London is full of rustic music, street food, and historical agriculture that most of the tourists never get to experience and see. But at PickThePlace, we have numerous luxurious, comfortable and rustic accommodations and hotels all over the little London. These can bring you close to the secret and unexplored regions/areas of London.

Planning your next visit to London? Come and explore the best of it with us!

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