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Airport Transfers

PickThePlace’s airport transfer services are advanced bookings provided to transfer you to and from Heathrow, City Airport, Stansted and Gatwick. Since you book and pay a fixed fee in advance, the service provides a different and better experience than a taxi service.

Our airport transfer services are reliable and affordable, designed to make airport transportation convenient and quick. We use high-end and comfortable vehicles driven by professional drivers, who also assist with your language, whether you are getting in or getting off.

Our drivers know the city in and out and are in a perfect position to answer any questions and make recommendations for must-visit London.

Contact us now and arrange your airport transfer. We guarantee to make your journey to and from Heathrow, City Airport, Stansted or Gatwick as smooth as possible.

Extra Cleaning Service

PickThePlace offers exceptional cleaning services during your stay to make it more delightful and comfortable.

While you are busy enjoying and exploring London, the last thing you want to do is come back and find a mess. Nor do you want to have to go through the hassle of cleaning it yourself – you are here to experience the best the city has to offer; not clean.

Let our cleaners come in and tidy things up for you while you are away to make your stay hassle-free. Our cleaners will leave no space untouched, from the bedroom to the bathroom.

Get in touch with us now and arrange for a thorough cleaning during your stay.

London City Tour Services

London is a living and breathing metropolis. In short, there’s plenty to see and do that it would be such a waste not to go out and experience the sights and get entangled in its elegant culture.

That is why PickThePlace offers touring packages designed to give you a first class experience of one of the best cities in the UK.

Our tours offer a private guide and a luxurious ride to some of London’s must-see locations, such as Bicester Village and Mayfair. We can even provide a private shopping concierge, who can act as your personal stylist as you shop at Selfridges and Harrods.

Contact us now to book your tour.

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